Bring it on, 2017

When I was younger, New Year’s Eve usually filled me with a sense of panic and sadness at the same time. It scared me that the year was going to be over, and we would never have it back again. I’m surprised at how vividly this struck me at such a young age. Now, it’s not so much sad for me as it is simply astonishing how time seems to fly more quickly every year. This year especially, as I enter the year of my college graduation (!!), it blows my mind that I only have 4.5 months left to enjoy Chapel Hill and life before entering the real world (401k? Roth IRA? FSA? IRS?). It feels like yesterday that I stepped foot here for the first time. The nostalgia comes in waves, but I know there will only be more exciting adventures to come when I make the move to DC after graduation. My only real resolution this year is committing myself to making the absolute most of my last semester of college. I’m taking 2017 one day at a time, and the best is yet to come. Happy new year!

I rang in the new year halfway across the world in 2016 – this is the view from Elephant Mountain in Taipei, Taiwan

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