Foodie Gift Guide 2017

Hello from Singapore, where it’s hot and humid and anything but “beginning to feel a lot like Christmas”! Nevertheless, with the big day less than five days away, I thought I’d put together this last-minute gift guide for any procrastinators out there who might need something under the tree for the foodies in your lives. From kitchen basics to gifts for the girl who has everything, here are 10 fun and functional foodie gift ideas:

1. Classic Cocktails recipe print

I’m a sucker for hand-drawn prints of anything, and my recent bar cart obsession has been fueled by this adorable site called Bar Cartisan, which sells everything you need to be hostess with the mostest.

2. Silpat silicone baking mat

Forget wrestling with cutting parchment paper down to fit your cookie sheets, or scraping with a spatula to remove chunks of cookies – if you know anyone who loves to bake but doesn’t own a Silpat, do them a huge favor:

3. 4-person picnic basket set

The gift that gives back – because chances are you’ll be included in their next gourmet picnic 😉

4. Mason jar cocktail shaker

Four years in the South rubbed off on me… anything in a mason jar is a great gift, much less a mason jar designed to serve alcohol. Enough said?

BAR CARTISAN™ Mason Shaker

5. Baked cookbook

One of my all-time favorites as a functional cookbook as well as a coffeetable book with beautiful mouthwatering photos. Any foodie would be lucky to get this one added to their collection!

6. Calphalon griddle pan

I use mine to make french toast, grilled cheeses, pancakes, eggs, and everything in between. This is perfect for a college student or new apartment-dweller.

7. saffron

Saffron is one of those spices that packs a punch for how little of it you need to use, but it’s so pricey, I’ve never bought it for myself. It’s like truffle oil – one of those things that I would love to get as a gift but rarely justified to spend on myself.

8. mini bumblebee spatula set

One of my most-reached-for baking utensils is a set of tiny pink spatulas with pigs on them that are perfect for getting the last bit out of a jar, and filling cupcake tins. Regular spatulas have their merits but the little ones are something you didn’t realize you needed until you have one. Besides, how cute are these bumblebees?!

9. marble and copper cheese board

You can never have too many cheese boards in your life… these marble and metal-tone ones are super on trend right now.

10. dark chocolate champagne truffles

Does this need an explanation?

That’s all for now – back to sweating my way through Singapore’s greatest tourist attractions 🙂 Wishing you all a safe and happy holiday season with your loved ones!

P.S. You may have noticed that most of the gifts I’ve linked here are from Amazon. For full disclosure, this is not only because it’s four days before Christmas so Prime is your hero, but also because I finally got around to signing up for Amazon Affiliates (and a few other affiliate programs). Opinions are obviously still always going to be my own, and I would never link something I wouldn’t buy myself!

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