January in Pictures

Something really exciting I didn’t announced yet on the blog in December was that I won the TopDog food photo contest! A huge thanks to everyone who voted for my entry; my $500 Whole Foods gift card came in the mail on Christmas eve.


Thank you to TopDog for sponsoring this contest!

Whole Foods Haul

Most of this food is gone by now… to be honest $500 won’t last very long at Whole Foods.

Rachel 18

Let’s talk about how many January birthdays there were. I made one huge batch of chocolate peanut butter cupcakes for four people over the course of a week. There were also Reese’s cup brownies (for the birthday girl pictured above!), but I didn’t have a chance to take pictures of those because of the whole too-dark-to-take-pictures-at-10 pm thing.

Harper's Ferry, WV

The second quarter geosystems extra credit field trip of choice was to Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia. Harpers Ferry is a city rich with history as well as unique geographical features (hence the extra credit). On the way there, we passed by lots of cows, tractors, and vineyards. There are 27 in the area!

Town's Inn

We ate at this cute little tavern in the Town’s Inn, where the owners served and cooked everything themselves. I felt like we were eating at somebody’s house, in a cozy dining room (only 4 tables). My pulled pork sandwich was nothing exceptional – some pieces of the pork were really stringy, and the sauce was a little too salty for my taste – but  my friends would recommend the chicken pot pie. Overall, I think you pay for the experience of eating in this tiny mom-and-pop type establishment in a historic mining town, not so much the actual food.


Last week my friend and I went to a dog/puppy adoption event at a local pet store to play with the puppies. These adorable balls of fluff were so sweet and cuddly, it was so hard to resist bringing one home!


Someday when I have my own place and the time to properly care for one, I will get a dog. I seriously don’t know what more you could ask for – they’re warm and soft and snuggly, and they will never get mad at you, or leave you, or cheat on you, or lead you on. All you have to do is love them and they love you back.

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