Like Father, Like Daughter

My father, rarely caught without a camera or camcorder in his travels, even before my sister and I were born.

Father’s Day is tough for me. I usually just avoid social media, because it’s human nature to hurt when you see that others have something you don’t. It’s why people get so worked up about celebrating certain holidays that don’t fit into everyone’s lives. Don’t say “Merry Christmas”, because some people don’t believe in Christ. Boycott Valentine’s Day, because not everyone has a valentine. Avoid Mother’s Day, because some kids don’t know their mothers. Or they have two fathers. People are always going to have different things, believe different things. But the way I see it, that shouldn’t stop us from celebrating others and with others – Jesus mourned with those who mourned, but also rejoiced with those who rejoiced.

So as much as it still stings that Father’s Day doesn’t look like it did 10 years ago for me, today I choose joy in celebrating the fathers and father figures in my life. To the the fathers who have raised my best friends to be the wonderful humans they are, thank you. To the fathers I see setting examples for your children of what it looks like to love the Lord and honor your wives – your families are blessed to have you. To the fathers I know who work tirelessly providing for, believing in, and cheering on your daughters  – you are her hero, even if she doesn’t show it. To my friends who will be amazing fathers one day – I can’t wait to celebrate fatherhood with you! 

And today, my Father’s Day celebration looks like rejoicing in seeing the ways I am my father’s daughter. I never knew him as an adult, but it brings me joy to know that there’s a piece of him in my love for art and photography, and penchant for travel. It’s laughing at the little things, like how his favorite foods that I hated as a kid are now staples in my diet (avocados, almond butter…). Above all, I have a joy most worthy of celebration – knowing that my heavenly Father is not unlike the father I grew up with. He knows me better than I know myself, always has my best interests in mind, and His love stops at no sacrifice.

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