May in Pictures

18th Birthday Cake

The teenage baker is finally legal! I have yet to go buy a lottery ticket or do anything exciting with my new legality. I guess I’m allowed to sign myself out of school now, but given the fact that I have 4 days left of high school… maybe that’s not so useful.

We had College Destinations T-shirt day at my school, and this one of my favorite pictures! There are at least six people going to Duke and only two going to UNC so we’re outnumbered, but… quality over quantity, right? 😉

Baby Tarheels!

I also just thought I would share this one… people don’t believe me when I say that going to UVA would be like TJ all over again. This isn’t even all of them!

Saloni Grad Party

Graduation party season is upon us – there are literally at least three per week. I’m sure eventually it will really hit me that graduation is next week. For now, I’ll just enjoy all the food.

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