Mother’s Day Recipe Roundup

Mother’s Day sometimes falls on my birthday, and my mom loves to give me a hard time about how I should get her presents on my birthday, instead of the other way around. I like to say that she already got the best Mother’s Day gift ever, 23 years ago today 🙂 Joking aside, one of my favorite ways to say “I love you” is with food (duh)!

Whether you’re a traditional breakfast-in-bed kind of family or you’re pulling out all the stops for a gourmet dinner, here are some home-run recipes for you to wow your mama on her special day. The super easy, anyone-can-cook recipes in this list are indicated by an asterick (*). Get cooking, and happy mother’s day to all the moms out there!



Use French brioche or challah bread for a treat, because calories don’t count on Mother’s Day!

oat and apple pancakes with yogurt and honey

via Bon Appetit

Negate the whole grains and fruit with a healthy pour of maple syrup

belgian chocolate waffles

Mother’s Day is as good an excuse as any to break out the waffle iron! Try drizzling with warmed up Nutella

potato and broccolini frittata

via Smitten Kitchen

A savory start mama’s morning with protein and veggies


shakshuka with feta*

via New York Times

Skillet-to-oven magic with a baked egg on top for each person, from my October favorites

baked shells with fontina and parmesan bread crumbs*

An oldie but a goodie, the crunchy topping and creamy fontina elevates this mac-n-cheese to the next level

carrot ginger pork buns

via Woks of Life

I tend to look to my mom for Asian dishes, but we’ve never tried to make these from scratch before! I might try to get my mom and sister to all make these together next weekend 🙂

Shrimp tacos

via Well Plated

If she’s not into shrimp, fish would be great with this seasoning too!

seared salmon with creamy spinach mushroom sauce*

via Spain on a Fork

It’s hard to go wrong with an easy one-pan salmon dish

Chile-Cumin Lamb Meatballs with Yogurt and Cucumber

via Bon Appetit

Yogurt sauces are so easy and balance out Mediterranean spices perfectly


cheesecake stuffed strawberries*

By far the most popular recipe on my blog!

starbucks chocolate cinnamon bread

A dupe for one of my favorite Starbucks bakery treats

chai chocolate chip cookies

via a Cozy Kitchen

Chai tea lattes didn’t use to be my thing, but ever since my Banff trip, they’re so cozy and comforting… just like mom!

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