October In Pictures

Have you ever felt like the world is spinning so fast and you’re running out of time so you have to sprint to keep up but every time you take a step, life takes two more so you just never have time to catch your breath (kind of like this sentence)? That’s what the entire month of October has felt like. There was always something looming ahead, like the SAT’s, or early action college deadlines.

Despite this, I somehow managed to squeeze in some fun to keep myself sane. For one, after taking my last SAT ever, I celebrated by baking Jewish Apple Cake. That same weekend, on Columbus Day, my friends and I hiked the Billy Goat Trail for geosystems extra credit. The trail brings you to an overlook with a spectacular view of the Mather Gorge:

The river gorge is nearly a mile long, and marks where Europe and North America split billions of years ago!

The next week was my school’s homecoming spirit week, which is absolutely insane. Everyone dresses up in elaborate costumes for different spirit days and our pep rallies are unparalleled.

For twin/group day (things that come in pairs or groups), some of my friends dressed up as the Disney princesses – they also had a Tinkerbell, Mulan, and Fiona, but they didn’t make it into this photo. 🙁

The Incredibles family! HC week is like Halloween… but for five days. On Friday, everyone wears their class colors (red, white, blue) and the seniors wear togas:

^(My toga definitely didn’t look that cute)

It was raining pretty hard before the football game and the kickoff was delayed due to lightning, but everything turned out well in the end – we beat the other team 42-12! Also, two of my favorite people got crowned homecoming king and queen 🙂

Shout out to Sharkf3ng who DJ’d our homecoming dance – I still can’t believe that was my last homecoming ever!

We had dinner at McCormick’s & Schmick’s Seafood Restaurant. The food was really good – I had an enormous Kobe burger with onion rings in it and amazing fries on the side, and from what I tasted/heard, everyone else enjoyed their orders as well. The downside was that our waiter randomly charged five people at our table $7 each for the whole table’s water, when she didn’t even tell us we had the option to get non-‘distilled’ water… that was a bummer.

I also got to go apple/pumpkin picking – that weekend was crazy for me! Stay tuned for another delicious apple recipe soon 🙂

Last week, I noticed the trees my neighborhood were starting shed their leaves, covering the sidewalks with splashes of orange and yellow.


But then Hurricane Sandy happened, and now everything is just gray and brown. I’m glad I got those shots while I could! I hope everyone stayed safe and warm during Frankenstorm!

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