Odds & Ends – June/July 2017

I spent all of June willing the month to go faster, because I was so excited for my trip. After two weeks in the Canadian Rockies (three posts!) and Seattle (coming soon), I felt like July was dragging its feet. There were a lot of unknowns about my move and starting my new job; finally though, the loose ends have started to come together. I officially started moving into my new apartment today… and l’ve never felt more unqualified to be an adult!

Just when I start to feel good about having a handle on life, I get beat down several notches and go back to feeling like a clueless baby bird. This cycle probably never ends in life, does it? On the bright side, this month’s post is food-heavy because I tried a lot of new things and rediscovered my love for others! Adulting is hard. But when I inevitably fail, at least I can find comfort in a good cup of tea and quality peanut butter cups…

  • chai tea lattes

My love for chai tea lattes was discovered in the warm and comforting cup I enjoyed at the Lake Agnes Tea House. The first time I ever had one, I didn’t really know what a chai tea latte was… it wasn’t what I expected, so I didn’t like it. I’m so glad I gave it another shot, because chai tea lattes are the perfect mountain drink. I also had an amazing one from Wild Flour Bakery in Banff, so I’ll forever associate them with my beloved Canadian Rockies <3

Wild Flour Bakery Granola and Yogurt

  • Halo top ice cream

This is magical. I’ve resisted all that low-cal nonsense for a long time, and mostly for good reason… but Halo Top isn’t made with any artificial sweeteners. No, not even truvia or stevia… which I can still taste (blech)! Low-carb, high-protein ice cream that’s not pumped with artificial scariness seems to good to be true, but I’m on board. Late to the game, I know. I’m just praying that some report doesn’t come out years from now about how Halo Top will give you cancer. I’ve gotten into a bad habit of picking up a new flavor every time I see it at the store. Whats your favorite flavor?!

  • Wayfair

In my recent apartment furnishing scramble, I happened upon a Wayfair ad in the mail (addressed to my sister, who moved out ages ago, oddly enough). I’d heard of the company, but had never bought anything before. I browsed the site while debating the merits of Ikea, Craigslist, and Amazon… Then, I discovered that Wayfair offers free shipping on most items, no tax, and often has coupon codes (like the 10% off I found in the mail). I ended up purchasing a brand new bed and mattress from the site for less than any of the other options I had considered. I have yet to sleep in said mattress or bed, so I’ll have to report back on the quality of my purchases. I’m optimistic from the reviews!

  • A game of Monopoly, with rules based on players’ backgrounds… just like real life

food for thought. I thought this video was very well-done to show the structural and societal roots of socioeconomic inequities:

  • Icelandic Provisions Skyr

Inspired by the ridiculously thick & creamy Ellenos’ Real Greek Yogurt at Pike Place Market in Seattle, I decided to branch out to brands of yogurt other than my beloved Chobani Flips. This Icelandic brand was on sale in the yogurt aisle… but I found out skyr isn’t actually yogurt. It’s a traditional Icelandic cultured dairy product – technically a strained cheese. Nutritionally, it’s similar to Greek yogurt. I like the taste (less tangy) and texture (thicker) of skyr better than Greek yogurt, though. I was pleasantly surprised to see flecks of vanilla bean in the vanilla one. I also tried the strawberry & lignonberry flavor. Neither of them had that artificial taste I had learned to expect from flavored yogurts! (I usually get plain and mix in my own toppings.) I want to visit Iceland even more now…

  • Justin’s Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

Confession: the only reason I tried these is because I swiped a pack from the Facebook office in Seattle (thanks Harrison). I regret nothing. Until now, I’ve totally underestimated how delicious a peanut butter cup can be. Of course dark chocolate is key, but the peanut butter isn’t cloying like the filling in Reese’s. Too bad they’re so expensive 🙁

  • bison

You read that right. I had bison pizza at the Bear Street Tavern in Banff and it was incredible. It had a bit of a beef jerky consistency, and it was flavorful without being overpowering. It was definitely one of my favorite meals in Canada, so check out my Banff post for more details!

  • This 3-year old boy who is really passionate about coffee

  • posterior chain strength training

In my years of various athletic endeavors, the strength and conditioning programs have always focused on quad-dominant, anterior chain exercises. Between that, and the number of hours I spend a day sitting, I’ve learned that I really need to target my back, glutes, and hamstrings to try and correct that muscle imbalance. Sadly, tomorrow is the last day of my membership to the gym I’ve loved working out in all summer. Here’s to hoping I find a new gym in Arlington that keeps me motivated! Otherwise, my newfound love for Halo Top and Justin’s peanut butter cups really won’t be sustainable 😉

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