Odds & Ends – March 2017

I love making lists. It’s how I dream, think, and get things done in life. Putting all the random things floating around in my head onto paper is not only productive, but is also somehow relaxing for me. NPR’s 10 Reasons Why We Love Making Lists says it best- lists bring order to chaos.

March 2017 odds & ends

Favorites videos happen to be some of my favorite videos (ha) to watch on YouTube. I’ve always thought lists of monthly favorites would be fun to look back on later. So, Odds & Ends will be a mishmash of entertainment things, food, books, clothes, and whatever else has been on my radar that month. It might take me a few tries to figure out a format I like, but to kick off my inaugural Odds & Ends post:

  • Trader Giotto’s soft-baked biscotti with fig

In Charleston, we stopped at a Trader Joe’s for wine… I can never walk out of Trader Joe’s with just one thing, of course and these caught my eye immediately because I’d never seen them before. The cashier was so excited about them, I had really high expectations and they were exceeded. If you love figs, forget Fig Newtons – you have to try these.

TJ's soft baked biscotti with figs
Photo courtesy of Trader Joe’s
  • Scandal Season 6

Oh my gosh. This season has just been blowing my mind. There was a lull in the plot for awhile where I wasn’t super into the show for the last few seasons, but Shonda has me back on the edge of my seat now!

  • Carolina Basketball

This one is a no-brainer and it’s always a good day to be a tar heel but wow, what a month it has been! From our victory over Duke at home to beating Kentucky to clinch the Final Four trip, it has been – well, madness. Maye Madness that is…

  • Luke Maye-

Obviously had to give a shout out specifically to our hero and all the memes that have come out of his buzzer beater

  • DIY Tufted Headboard

I came across this Nifty video on Facebook and thought it was too good to be true. I definitely want a tufted headboard for when I finally upgrade my furniture to full-size, but part of me thinks it just won’t turn out this nice…?

  • “The Stir-Fried Tomatoes and Eggs My Chinese Mother Made”

“A few weeks ago, I felt a sudden, irresistible craving for Chinese stir-fried tomatoes and eggs. A dish of savory, sweet-tart tomato sauce folded around soft-scrambled eggs, it hits every pleasure center in the brain and makes it easy to scarf down a lot of rice, fast.” Now that I think about it, I’m not sure I could replicate my mom’s version of this either. Time to give momma a call…

  • Great Value White Corn & Black Bean Salsa

Another random spring break love: we picked this up at the Walmart in Clearwater to go with our tacos one night and I cannot get enough of it! I checked our Walmart three times before it was back in stock in Chapel Hill…

Photo courtesy of Walmart

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