Hi! I’m Christina, a strong believer of eating well, traveling more, and documenting everything along the way. I started this blog (formerly Diary of a Teenage Baker) in high school as a way to document my culinary adventures as I learned through trial and error. Since then, being a full-time student at UNC Chapel Hill, and now a full-time yuppie working in the DC area, has kept me from blogging as often as I would’ve liked. Nevertheless, testing new recipes and sharing good eats from London to Taiwan still brings me as much joy as it always has. I’ve grown out of that teenage label and my world has expanded beyond dabbling in my parents’ kitchen – but I will always be a baker at heart. Stick around for a little life, a little travel, and a whole lot of food!

My hope for this blog is that by sharing my experiences, someone will be inspired to get out of their comfort zone. Knowing that I’ve helped someone try something new makes me happier than you know. So whether you whip up something wonderful or travel somewhere you’ve never been, please be sure to leave a comment.

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  1. Hi! I love baking too (mostly the decorating portion). I’ve worked with fondant, but I’ve never used pastry bags and tips. I was wondering which ones you use?
    Your food looks awesome- I’m going to recommend your website on pinterest!

    1. Hi Julia! If you’re starting out with pastry bags, I’d recommend getting the Wilton disposable ones because they’re easy to clean up, and a really good frosting tip for cupcakes is the Wilton 1M. Big star-shaped ones are key to getting really pretty swirls =) Thanks for recommending me on pinterest!

  2. Darlin – I’m the mom of one of your classmates (who might shrivel up in gonnadie embarrassment were he to know I was actually here). He made us your cheesecakestuffed strawberries for dessert tonight and they were WOW (his making them of his own accord was WOW enough. The end result only sweetened the pie, as it were.) Meanwhile his 8yo brother logged on, flipped through all your recipes and has submitted his orders for the next 25 weekends. Great blog – thanks!

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