Bridal Shower Sugar Cookies


In addition to the purple ombre rose cake I made for a bridal shower, I was also asked to make the cookie favors! These were so fun to design and create. (No, I didn’t put cookies in the grass, the plate is on a tablecloth that looks like moss.)


I used my go-to recipe for decorated sugar cookies (the almond extract version) and they were a hit at the bridal shower. Decorated cookies you buy are normally more for aesthetic purposes than taste, but my sister likes to steal these and eat them plain, if that says anything. They also last long in air-tight containers, so it’s convenient to make ahead and take your time with the decorating if you also have to make a cake or something like that. 🙂


Congratulations to Kristen & Michael!


Wedding dress cookie design inspired by My Kitchen Addiction, Gift tags designed by Rachel Dyment.

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