Lemon Blueberry Oatmeal Muffins

Lemon blueberry oat muffins

I have a bone to pick with recipes everywhere – the first step is almost always to prepare the pans and preheat the oven. This is all fine and dandy, if it only took 5 minutes to prepare all the ingredients and be oven-ready. Inevitably, if I preheat first thing, my oven starts beeping right when I’m mid-scoop or pour. I’m never ready before the oven preheats! It’s kind of like those Tasty or Buzzfeed videos on Facebook- “Dinner on the table in 10 minutes” (but only if someone has prepped all your ingredients for you)! It’s great that Martha has pre-chopped carrots and pre-sifted flour, but the rest of us peasants have to spend time cutting and washing and measuring. When the oven beeps, I get sent into a frenzy to finish spooning batter into cupcake tins or whatever. I hate having an empty oven burning at 350. If not bad for the oven, then it’s a pure waste of electricity.

Lemon blueberry oatmeal muffins

And that, my friends, is why I usually wait until I’m almost done mixing all the ingredients before I turn on the oven.I’m not sure why I thought these muffins would be any different, but I was in such a rush to beat the oven timer that I spooned blueberry-less batter into 8 out of 12 muffin tins before I realized that I forgot the blueberries in my blueberry muffins.  Yup. Go me. So in the spirit of not forgetting your blueberries – I’ve listed the oven preheating towards the end of the instructions 😉


Take advantage of summertime berry picking and use fresh berries, or just pull out the frozen kind. Either way, these healthy muffins have just the right amount of fruit in every bite without making the muffin soggy. I don’t typically like to bake with fruit because of the sogginess, but these guys did great right out of the oven and even several days after when I froze them! Next time I might up the lemon factor to try to bring out that flavor more. I bet they would taste great with lemon curd, too.

Hearty blueberry muffins

The streusel topping might make these “healthy” muffins decidedly less so, but it really helps with their texture and aesthetic appeal. Muffins don’t have to be ugly cupcakes 🙂 Plus – a sprinkle of butter crunchy goodness on top, and you’d never guess the rest of these beautiful muffins are oil and butter-free.

Whole wheat lemon blueberry muffins

Whip up these muffins this weekend and freeze them so you have breakfast ready to go every day next week – if you’re anything like me, it’ll give you a reason to get up in the morning!


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